Miguel Gaspar





03:28 PM CFR Bug #2500: Home screen - Duplicate uploads, Upload Progress missing, Not reading from cfr/listFil...
- Upload progress is under tests
- There is an end point listFilesJSON which returns a JSON object with files and fo...


05:57 PM CDE Bug #2456 (Closed): Some blank buttons on layout tab on mobile dashboard type
When editing a mobile dashboard type, some buttons on layout tab does not exists
05:54 PM CDF Bug #2455: Column Types from Table Component (rendering and "autocomplete" problems)
OK, CANCEL and ADD buttons goes with scroll
05:52 PM CDF Bug #2455 (New): Column Types from Table Component (rendering and "autocomplete" problems)
Column Types from Table Component:
- some rendering problems, buttons over other elements;
- not showing availabl...
05:03 PM CDF Bug #2454 (New): Bookmarkable parameters: error defining a URL parameter for string value with an...
Problems calling a dashboard using a "&" char inside a value for a bookmarkable parameter on a URL.


11:14 AM CDE Feature #2220 (Closed): Revamp to Comments Component
- Added functionality remove and archive comments
- Check permissions for adding, removing and archiving
- Build o...


11:11 AM CDE Task #1394 (Closed): CCC v2 XML Integration
Generate XML files for both components and properties. ETL for generating the files.


12:09 PM CDE Feature #479 (Resolved): CDW files are no longer used by cgg. CDE should stop publishing them.
12:06 PM CDE Bug #1132 (Resolved): CGG scripts have the name of the chart, causing conflicts
Dashboard name added to the script name.
12:05 PM CDE Task #1219 (Resolved): Automatically create the cde folder when CDE starts up.

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