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03:12 pm CFR Bug #3416 (Closed): Metadata queries should use prepared statements
OrientDB queries are not using prepared statements:
String query = String.format( "select * from %s where file = '%s...


12:21 pm CDA Bug #2778 (New): CDA should provide performance information.
CDA should log the following performance details:
- cda file/ access id
- query executed / parameters
- number of ...


05:44 pm CDA Bug #1678 (New): Column type is not identified correcly if the first item is null.
The column from an MDX query that returns Integer values is identified as String because the 1st element is null.


03:12 pm CDE Feature #1588 (Rejected): CDE links for editing used widgets from current dashboard
As a developer, I'd like to edit the widgets that are used on the current dashboard, by navigating from the current C...


02:50 pm CDA Feature #1092 (Closed): Add customization support for XLS exports
This feature should enable:
Allow styling to be specified to the cells on the generated XLS (could use an XLS templa...


07:09 pm CDV Task #761 (Closed): Planning


05:38 pm Helpdesk Support #722 (New): Install OSTicket

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