Paulo Pires





03:59 PM CDE Feature #2685 (Rejected): Add option "open widget"
It should browse the widgets folder and allow to choose one to open


12:02 PM CDE Bug #2677 (New): On old dashboards some properties are marked as strings and should be converted ...
For example:
"description":"Column Headers",


06:19 PM CDV Feature #1685 (New): emails for slow queries should say in which machine it was running


06:28 PM CDE Bug #512 (Closed): Export to png with size small
When choosing small to export it creates a file of size 0 bytes.
06:27 PM CDE Bug #511 (Closed): Export to png
When exporting and the preview opens, if we don't choose an option for the size (small, medium, large or custom) the ...
06:04 PM CGG Bug #505: export broken on mozilla public server
It's been fixed by allowing access by user login to the dir content/cgg and content/cda to perform png and json expor...
04:30 PM CGG Bug #505 (Closed): export broken on mozilla public server
When exporting to png or json on http://cm-metricsapp02:8080/data/ there's the following message:...


03:43 PM CCC Bug #370 (Closed): scatter chart (CCC Metric Dot Chart) seems to break when the resultset only ha...
When the resultset only has 1 point I get the following messages when rendering:

Unexpected value NaN parsing x1 ...


04:55 PM CDA Bug #346 (Closed): Join queries
When changing one column with integer numbers to a calculated column with float numbers, the join breaks

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