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02:55 pm CDE Bug #2584 (Closed): standard widget component does not work
We got this dump
CDF: Object type widget can't be mapped to a valid class
log()script...c251ca7 (line 4270)
m =...


06:11 pm CDE Feature #2523 (New): Pentaho User Console should have an option to Refresh the CDE cache
Right now, to refresh CDE's cache, we need to resort to using a REST call from a browser, effectively moving some PUC...


05:29 pm CDE Bug #2011 (Closed): Save as Widget fails using the Extra information fields
When I save a dashboard as a widget, the "extra information" fields (title, description) are not taken properly into ...
12:06 pm CDV Feature #2010 (New): CDV needs an ETL + Dashboard so it can study the evolution of the measurements
Right now, CDV sends emails stating whether Cube X had some warning regarding measure Y within at a given point in ti...


06:05 pm Ctools Task #1465 (New): Write a Workflow + CTools description
So it...


06:44 pm CDA Bug #1377 (Closed): Export to XLS/CSV fails with java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input strin...
When I try to run a CDA file with a MDX query that returns a big number of columns (254) and a small number of rows (...


02:29 pm CDA Feature #515 (Closed): Add Auditing support for CDA
See the description on the related bugs
Currently some auditing support is available here:
02:27 pm CDE Feature #514 (Closed): Add Auditing support for CDE
See description of the related bug (they are the same)
Currently some auditing support is available here:
02:23 pm CDF Feature #513 (Closed): Add Auditing support for CDF
Currently some auditing support is available here:
Some configurat...


11:29 am CDE Bug #411 (Closed): Typo under Addin definition: CVS should be CSV

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