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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
3124 TaskNewNormalUpdate documentation regarding hazelcast cluster configurationJoão Velasques
3000 BugNewNormalError when cleaning CDA cacheJoão Velasques
2988 TaskNewNormalConversion to 5.0
2987 TaskNewNormalConversion to 5.0
2679 BugNewNormalWARN [FactoryImpl] [localhost]:5701 [cdc] Waiting for all partitions to be owned...
2649 BugNewNormalAlignment issues on settings dropdowns
2632 BugNewNormalBI Server won't start after installing ctools
2573 BugResolvedNormalMondrian Cache not caching after service restarts13.10.22
2443 BugResolvedNormalNullPointerException msg when clicking mondrian buttonJoão Velasques13.09.10
2310 TaskResolvedNormalMake CDC use cpf-core and cpf-pentahoJoão Velasques13.09.10
1594 TaskNewNormalValidate installation on initial dashboard
1329 SupportIn ProgressNormalCDC on standalone MondrianTiago Ferreira
1012 BugSuspendedNormalCDC makes tomcat halt on exitTiago Ferreira
799 BugSuspendedNormalCDC shutdown issueTiago Ferreira
728 BugNewNormalCDC admin interface for clean cache doesn't report when there's an error
653 TaskNewNormalCDC_about pageJoana Granja
618 BugNewLowCluster Info: Refresh button on cda/mondrian should be visible on onover
602 BugNewNormalRestrict CDC button to appear only for adminsPedro Vale
416 FeatureNewNormalHelp popup position
415 FeatureNewNormalRemove Clean and URL buttons
414 FeatureNewNormalAdd Undo Functionality to cache clean
409 TaskNewNormalCache Composition_Review
157 TaskSuspendedNormalView cached informationTiago Ferreira2012-02-03

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