• Pentaho Repository Synchronizer

    The Pentaho Repository Synchronizer (PRS) is a Pentaho plugin that allows you to interact with the solution repository of Pentaho 5.0 by keeping the disk-based file structure synchronized with the Pentaho internal solution repository (JCR).

  • Startup Rule Engine

    Plugin that gives information about system and session environment information useful for development and debugging. Even though it's not sensitive information, it's not recommended to have this plugin installed in a production environment

    • CBF

      Community Build Framework

    • CCC

      Community Chart Collection

    • CDA

      Community Data Access.

      Issue reporting for CDA has moved to Please create your issue there.

    • CDB

      Community Data Browser, a tool to be able to extract datasets from the BI system based primarily on Mondrian cubes

    • CDC

      Community Distributed Cache, a plugin that allows using distributed cache in CDA and Mondrian.

    • CDE

      Community Dashboard Editor

      Issue reporting for CDE has moved to Please create your issue there.

    • CDF

      Community Dashboard Framework

      Issue reporting for CDF has moved to Please create your issue there.

    • CDG

      CDG - Community Datawarehouse Generator

    • CDV

      Community Data Validator

    • CFR

      Community File Repository

    • CGG

      Community Graphics Generator

    • CST

      Community Startup Tabs

    • CTE

      Community Text Editor

    • CTools Installer

      The CTools Installer Script

  • Pentaho Marketplace

    Developments concerning the Pentaho Marketplace plugin

  • Pentaho Translations - Language Pack Installer

    Place to fill translation bugs on Pentaho Language Pack Installer

  • CDF Website

    CDF Website
    Layout Design
    Integration with CTools websites
    Image renders
    Text Review

  • User Experience Area

    Layout Design
    HTML / CSS implementation

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