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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
3050CBFBugResolvedNormalCBF with CDE: NPE in BI Platform 4.8
3417CCCBugNewNormalThe value dimension's "format.percent" is being ignored by the Pie chart
3089CCCBugNewNormalAxis size option being ignored, noticeable when tick text is very long
2623CCCBugIn ProgressNormalTime series chart precision doesnt update correctlyDuarte Cunha Leão
2604CCCBugIn ProgressNormalMemory leak?Duarte Cunha Leão
1705CCCBugNewNormalFocus-window should correctly support chart orientations
4CCCBugNewNormalChart labels get cut offDuarte Cunha Leão
2778CDABugNewNormalCDA should provide performance information.
2618CDABugNewNormalDefault formats for XLS export seem wrong
2190CDABugNewNormalJoin Compound trying to convert exception to kettle typeTiago Ferreira
2005CDABugNewNormalGet rid of annoying ERROR message
1678CDABugNewNormalColumn type is not identified correcly if the first item is null.
1367CDABugNewNormalCda editor won't show anything if there is a space in the filename
1239CDABugNewNormalCDA exception output
937CDABugNewNormalClean error messages from CDA previewer
3233CDBBugResolvedNormalcontent-type returned is text/plain instead of text/htmlPedro ValeCDB - 14.10.15
2636CDBBugNewNormalCDB doesn't open when list of queries is empty
703CDBBugNewHighExport box sometimes does not hide when a click outside it occurs
565CDBBugNewNormalGroup Name text box isn't obviously editable
487CDBBugNewNormalNormalize CSS classes for buttons
484CDBBugNewLowClean up includes
3213CDCBugNewNormalInstalling CDC disables 5.1 server startup
2679CDCBugNewNormalWARN [FactoryImpl] [localhost]:5701 [cdc] Waiting for all partitions to be owned...
2649CDCBugNewNormalAlignment issues on settings dropdowns
2632CDCBugNewNormalBI Server won't start after installing ctools
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