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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
3541CDEBugNewNormal[CDE Open Demos] AutomotiveCo: Error Processing Component on shipedText
3540CDEBugNewNormal[CDE Open Demos] Tie Wars: Error Processing Component on Pie chart label
3510Pentaho Translations - Language Pack InstallerBugNewNormalFailure to parse metadata.json
3509CFRBugNewNormalFile downloading from an embedded dashboard does not work in IE11
3507Pentaho Translations - Language Pack InstallerBugIn ProgressNormalError Spanish Language Pack 6.0-16.05.04 install on Pentaho BI Server
3505CSTBugResolvedNormalCST does not work on 6.1 due to a failure to parse the JSON configuration file
3503Pentaho MarketplaceBugNewNormalErro após instalação do Plugin Portuguese (Brazilian variant) Language Pack no Pentaho CE release
3491CDVBugNewNormalTest edit window shows partial text box when resized
3487Environment DisplayBugNewNormalOn 6.0, the values of the session variables are not being shown correctly
3482CSTBugNewNormalOn start-up plugin points to nonexistence sample "cde_sample1.cda" - sample change location!
3473Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalCompare using checksum is not working properly.
3458Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugResolvedNormalOn PRS 15.04.16, the transfer buttons on PRS are disabled
3444CtoolsBugNewNormalAfter Updating C-Tools Using the Install Script Features Stop Working Correctly
3424CTEBugNewNormalSpecial chars used in file name should be URLEncoded
3417CCCBugNewNormalThe value dimension's "format.percent" is being ignored by the Pie chart
3342CTools InstallerBugResolvedNormalCBF: End-of-central-directory signature not found
3328Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugAwaiting FeedbackNormalKettle jobs for retrieving status of synced files in PUC fails on saiku files with swedish characters in filename
3327Startup Rule EngineBugNewHighUnistall Startup Rule Engine
3265Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalSynchronization failing silently
3233CDBBugResolvedNormalcontent-type returned is text/plain instead of text/htmlPedro ValeCDB - 14.10.15
3214Startup Rule EngineBugNewNormalChanging Community BI server CE name to a custom name creates issue
3213CDCBugNewNormalInstalling CDC disables 5.1 server startup
3089CCCBugNewNormalAxis size option being ignored, noticeable when tick text is very long
3080Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalIf a file is changed but the size remains the same, then PRS does not detect the file has changed
3053CTools InstallerBugNewNormalInstalling marketplace only works using -b dev
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