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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
91CDFFeatureNewNormal Visual cue in dataBar addIn for clipped bars.
3212CDESupportNewNormal"CTOOLS - L2" assignment: Passing ParamaterJoão Velasques
67CDFFeatureNewNormal"Storage" variables should be a default option for CDE parameters
328Pentaho MarketplaceFeatureNewNormalAbility to link to a specific plugin
3480CDESupportNewHighAbout Widgets Component not appearing in DashBoard.
599CDBFeatureNewNormalAdd a Kettle data source
3405CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd a way to easily get a CTE link to a file, to quickly bookmark/share
609CDBFeatureNewHighAdd an about screen
351CDATaskNewNormalAdd documentation about adding JARs from desktop PDI to tomcat for ktr in BI Server
706CDBFeatureNewNormalAdd last saved date information to query line
600CDBFeatureNewNormalAdd parameters to Saiku queries
952CDFFeatureNewLowAdd preInit to components
7CDEFeatureNewNormalAdd support for component-like fonts
3078Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for connecting to https servers (was: Specify client certificate in prs.xml file)
3188Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for datasources
3211Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for different servers in PRS
1906CCCFeatureNewNormalAdd support for width in %Duarte Cunha Leão
3393CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd the ability to edit the selected file's title and description
3396CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd the ability to switch between editor themes
2663CDAFeatureNewHighAdd the capability of defining postProcessing hooks
3404CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd the possibility to see/edit at least 2 files side by side (split pane editing)
414CDCFeatureNewNormalAdd Undo Functionality to cache clean
312CDEFeatureNewNormalAdd webclip <meta> tags to the dashboard styles
59CDFFeatureNewLowAdd-in for headers and footers in Table Component.
60CDFFeatureNewLowAdd-in for stacked bars in Table Component cells.
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