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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
3050CBFBugResolvedNormalCBF with CDE: NPE in BI Platform 4.8
3508CCCFeatureNewNormalBe able to line break long labels in axis
3417CCCBugNewNormalThe value dimension's "format.percent" is being ignored by the Pie chart
3123CCCTaskNewNormalUpdate license headers in CCC source files
3089CCCBugNewNormalAxis size option being ignored, noticeable when tick text is very long
3037CCCFeatureNewLowChange orientation of creation of charts in multichartDuarte Cunha Leão
2979CCCSupportNewNormalLegend paginationDuarte Cunha Leão
2623CCCBugIn ProgressNormalTime series chart precision doesnt update correctlyDuarte Cunha Leão
2604CCCBugIn ProgressNormalMemory leak?Duarte Cunha Leão
1906CCCFeatureNewNormalAdd support for width in %Duarte Cunha Leão
1710CCCFeatureNewNormalFocus-window should be controllable with the keyboard and the mouse scroll-wheel
1709CCCFeatureNewNormalFocus-window should be controllable by a separate scroll-bar-like control
1708CCCFeatureNewNormalFocus-window should be available also for the ortho axis
1707CCCTaskNewNormalDocument the focus-window and expose it in CDE
1706CCCTaskNewNormalFocus-window should not require a full re-render to be controllable from the outside
1705CCCBugNewNormalFocus-window should correctly support chart orientations
1704CCCFeatureIn ProgressNormalFocus-window selection in cartesian chartsDuarte Cunha Leão
697CCCFeatureNewNormalsecondAxis should align with the first axis
76CCCFeatureIn ProgressHighCustomisation of X-axis timeseries (line charts and similar)Duarte Cunha Leão2011-12-29
4CCCBugNewNormalChart labels get cut offDuarte Cunha Leão
2989CDATaskNewNormalProduct Support
2778CDABugNewNormalCDA should provide performance information.
2663CDAFeatureNewHighAdd the capability of defining postProcessing hooks
2661CDAFeatureNewHighCreate support for executing CDAs that are not on file system
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