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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
4CCCBugNewNormalChart labels get cut offDuarte Cunha Leão
7CDEFeatureNewNormalAdd support for component-like fonts
9CDEFeatureNewNormalFilter whitespace from text fields
10CDEFeatureNewNormalMove cda definitions, cgg charts and other resources into a subfolder
13CDEFeatureNewNormalWe need to support the read-only flag in CDA parameters
59CDFFeatureNewLowAdd-in for headers and footers in Table Component.
60CDFFeatureNewLowAdd-in for stacked bars in Table Component cells.
66CDEFeatureNewNormalDuplicate layout structure on CDE
67CDFFeatureNewNormal"Storage" variables should be a default option for CDE parameters
76CCCFeatureIn ProgressHighCustomisation of X-axis timeseries (line charts and similar)Duarte Cunha Leão2011-12-29
84CTools InstallerFeatureNewLowmake the installer SVN compliantPedro Alves
91CDFFeatureNewNormal Visual cue in dataBar addIn for clipped bars.
106CtoolsBugNewNormalMenu mode in navigation component doesn't work
110CDEBugAwaiting FeedbackNormalEditing a data source query within CDE fails to show an error if changes can't be writtenMiguel Gaspar
116CDEBugNewNormalSimple parameters are accepting names with dots.Miguel Gaspar
127CTools InstallerBugNewNormalChange ctools installer not to use server timestamp
157CDCTaskSuspendedNormalView cached informationTiago Ferreira2012-02-03
312CDEFeatureNewNormalAdd webclip <meta> tags to the dashboard styles
315CDEFeatureNewLowComponent AutoValidation
328Pentaho MarketplaceFeatureNewNormalAbility to link to a specific plugin
337CDF WebsiteTaskResolvedUrgentCDF icons Nuno MoreiraCDE2 - 12w072012-02-23
340CDF WebsiteTaskResolvedHighCtools Navigation system Nuno MoreiraCDF Website - 12w82012-02-29
342CDF WebsiteTaskResolvedNormalHeader div positioningNuno MoreiraCDF Website - 12w82012-02-24
343CDF WebsiteTaskResolvedNormalInsert "BUY CDF TUTORIAL" buttonNuno MoreiraCDF Website - 12w82012-02-27
344CDFFeatureNewNormalAllow other plugins to register a template in CDF
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