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# Tracker Status Category Subject Estimated time Assignee Target version Priority
  CDE2 - 12w07 1 Collapse all/Expand all
337TaskResolvedCDF icons 4.00Nuno MoreiraCDE2 - 12w07Urgent
  CDB - 14.10.15 1 Collapse all/Expand all
3233BugResolvedcontent-type returned is text/plain instead of text/htmlPedro ValeCDB - 14.10.15Normal
  (blank) 121 Collapse all/Expand all
2721BugIn ProgressComponentsTable component doesn't fire postExec on errorDiogo MarianoImmediate
703BugNewUIExport box sometimes does not hide when a click outside it occurs High
823BugNewFix setTimeout now being cleared on plugin refresh4.00High
3327BugNewUnistall Startup Rule EngineHigh
4BugNewChart labels get cut offDuarte Cunha LeãoNormal
106BugNewMenu mode in navigation component doesn't workNormal
110BugAwaiting FeedbackEditorEditing a data source query within CDE fails to show an error if changes can't be writtenMiguel GasparNormal
116BugNewSimple parameters are accepting names with dots.Miguel GasparNormal
127BugNewChange ctools installer not to use server timestampNormal
157TaskSuspendedBackendView cached information4.00Tiago FerreiraNormal
351TaskNewAdd documentation about adding JARs from desktop PDI to tomcat for ktr in BI ServerNormal
409TaskNewUICache Composition_ReviewNormal
487BugNewUINormalize CSS classes for buttonsNormal
531TaskNewStable ReleasePedro ValeNormal
552TaskNewReleases CDENormal
553TaskNewReleases CDFNormal
565BugNewUIGroup Name text box isn't obviously editableNormal
602BugNewRestrict CDC button to appear only for adminsPedro ValeNormal
653TaskNewUICDC_about pageJoana GranjaNormal
709BugNewlogging errorPedro ValeNormal
728BugNewCDC admin interface for clean cache doesn't report when there's an errorNormal
799BugSuspendedCDC shutdown issueTiago FerreiraNormal
890TaskNewSetup test execution/listing environmentNormal
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