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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
3078Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for connecting to https servers (was: Specify client certificate in prs.xml file)
3053CTools InstallerBugNewNormalInstalling marketplace only works using -b dev
3050CBFBugResolvedNormalCBF with CDE: NPE in BI Platform 4.8
3049CTools InstallerBugResolvedNormalDownload-URL for CDE "stable" release is wrong
3037CCCFeatureNewLowChange orientation of creation of charts in multichartDuarte Cunha Leão
3016Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalLockfile for avoiding concurrent accesses to the target directory?
3012Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalfiles count not working properly
3009Startup Rule EngineTaskNewLowimprove CSS rulesCarlos Russo
2995Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalhidden delete checkbox does not allow to see counted files
2989CDATaskNewNormalProduct Support
2979CCCSupportNewNormalLegend paginationDuarte Cunha Leão
2960Pentaho MarketplaceBugNewNormalRepository Synchronizer shows empty screen, no selections available
2959Pentaho MarketplaceBugNewNormalPlugins show as needed to be updated even after update completes successfully and server has been restarted
2947CPKBugNewNormalBug fixing
2944Startup Rule EngineTaskNewNormalUpdate CPK / Tests
2943Pentaho Repository SynchronizerTaskNewNormalUpdate CPK / TestsMarco Vala
2941CPKFeatureNewNormalCPK refactorMarco Vala
2879CDFTaskNewNormalProduct Support
2869CDVBugNewNormalPentaho 4.8 & 5.0 - Javascript errors while searching for validations
2868CDVBugNewNormalPentaho 5.0 - Sample tests doesn't work.
2867CDVBugNewNormalPentaho 5.0 - Strange character on the header of the last column
2866CDVBugNewNormalPentaho 4.8 & 5.0 - Duplicate with name test doesn't work
2865CDVBugNewNormalPentaho 5.0 - CDV files not recognized
2864CDVFeatureNewNormalProcess Monitoring using CDV
2845CtoolsTaskIn ProgressNormalCTools tgfTiago Ferreira
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