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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
2618CDABugNewNormalDefault formats for XLS export seem wrong
2190CDABugNewNormalJoin Compound trying to convert exception to kettle typeTiago Ferreira
2005CDABugNewNormalGet rid of annoying ERROR message
1678CDABugNewNormalColumn type is not identified correcly if the first item is null.
1367CDABugNewNormalCda editor won't show anything if there is a space in the filename
1282CDAFeatureNewNormalShow cda file path and access details in logTiago Ferreira
1239CDABugNewNormalCDA exception output
1222CDAFeatureIn ProgressNormalUse connection properties from datasources.xmlTiago Ferreira
1010CDAFeatureNewNormalExport cache scheduler entries
937CDABugNewNormalClean error messages from CDA previewer
666CDAFeatureNewNormalSupport batching query requests and responses
531CDATaskNewNormalStable ReleasePedro Vale
351CDATaskNewNormalAdd documentation about adding JARs from desktop PDI to tomcat for ktr in BI Server
3233CDBBugResolvedNormalcontent-type returned is text/plain instead of text/htmlPedro ValeCDB - 14.10.15
2636CDBBugNewNormalCDB doesn't open when list of queries is empty
1214CDBFeatureNewNormalImport/Export queries to allow migrating CDB state between machines
706CDBFeatureNewNormalAdd last saved date information to query line
705CDBFeatureNewNormalNew Exporter: CCC Chart
704CDBFeatureNewNormalNew Exporter: Excel
703CDBBugNewHighExport box sometimes does not hide when a click outside it occurs
700CDBFeatureNewNormalHave a basic SQL connector that opens to a text editor that will let you write mdx queries
699CDBFeatureNewNormalCreate a CDA Connector
609CDBFeatureNewHighAdd an about screen
600CDBFeatureNewNormalAdd parameters to Saiku queries
599CDBFeatureNewNormalAdd a Kettle data source
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