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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Due date
3417CCCBugNewNormalThe value dimension's "format.percent" is being ignored by the Pie chart
3405CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd a way to easily get a CTE link to a file, to quickly bookmark/share
3404CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd the possibility to see/edit at least 2 files side by side (split pane editing)
3396CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd the ability to switch between editor themes
3395CTEFeatureNewNormalSupport multiple file editing ( read: support multiple tabs )
3393CTEFeatureNewNormalAdd the ability to edit the selected file's title and description
3344Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalOptionally use a checksum method to compare files
3342CTools InstallerBugResolvedNormalCBF: End-of-central-directory signature not found
3328Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugAwaiting FeedbackNormalKettle jobs for retrieving status of synced files in PUC fails on saiku files with swedish characters in filename
3327Startup Rule EngineBugNewHighUnistall Startup Rule Engine
3275Startup Rule EngineSupportNewNormalInstalação do StartUp Rule EnginePedro Alves
3265Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalSynchronization failing silently
3243CFRTaskNewNormalImprove setPermissions
3233CDBBugResolvedNormalcontent-type returned is text/plain instead of text/htmlPedro ValeCDB - 14.10.15
3214Startup Rule EngineBugNewNormalChanging Community BI server CE name to a custom name creates issue
3213CDCBugNewNormalInstalling CDC disables 5.1 server startup
3212CDESupportNewNormal"CTOOLS - L2" assignment: Passing ParamaterJoão Velasques
3211Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for different servers in PRS
3190CFRTaskNewNormalProduct Support
3188Pentaho Repository SynchronizerFeatureNewNormalAdd support for datasources
3124CDCTaskNewNormalUpdate documentation regarding hazelcast cluster configurationJoão Velasques
3123CCCTaskNewNormalUpdate license headers in CCC source files
3089CCCBugNewNormalAxis size option being ignored, noticeable when tick text is very long
3080Pentaho Repository SynchronizerBugNewNormalIf a file is changed but the size remains the same, then PRS does not detect the file has changed
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