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Option to single quotes for Postgres support

Added by Fábio de Salles over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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DW Generator transformation creates SQL output suitable for databases which use double quote for text deliming, which fails for the other databases which use single quotes. Add single quote support either through option or documentation.

generateDW.ktr (47.6 KB) Fábio de Salles, 2012-06-01 04:30 PM


#1 Updated by Fábio de Salles over 6 years ago

Included new variable in transformation settings, QUOTESTYLE, used up by a Replace in String step to change quoting style. Not the most elegant solution but works. I believe it can be done inside the JavaScript and if I can find it any soon I'll submit an improved version. Also it adds a step that works everytime even if there is no need to change quotes (to test for the need to change would be leave an even uglier result.)

Also added transformation description and variables description, both in transformation settings. Changed note to show quoting style configuration instrutctions.

Tested and it works.

#2 Updated by Fábio de Salles over 6 years ago

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The attached file in last update contains all that it is to it. I am at your service to commit my work right into the reps if you want to. Thanks for letting me collaborate.

#3 Updated by Pedro Vale over 6 years ago

Hey, Fábio. thanks for the collaboration.

Go right ahead and make a pull request for this change in github.

Fork, apply your change, push it and then issue a pull request so we can merge that.


#4 Updated by Fábio de Salles over 6 years ago

Done! Please review the pull request!

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