Bug #2500

Home screen - Duplicate uploads, Upload Progress missing, Not reading from cfr/listFiles end point

Added by Brandon Jackson over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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1. Upload box should give any upload progress.
2. Should use the "listFilesdetect end point to populate which files exist.
3. Documentation missing the link of downloading files.

You can see it only captured errant activity when I used the "Select File" and button click process. I clicked twice because I did not see any update after upload, and no indication of process. I used the API before finding this screen.

!CFR Home Errors and Improvments 8-24-2013 6-19-22 AM.jpg!

CFR Home Errors and Improments 8-24-2013 6-19-22 AM.jpg (188 KB) Brandon Jackson, 2013-08-24 01:20 PM


#2 Updated by Miguel Gaspar over 5 years ago

- Upload progress is under tests
- There is an end point listFilesJSON which returns a JSON object with files and folders
- getFile is the end point for downloading. Documented inside web requests for files and folders operations. There is a new end point for allowing view the files inside the browser

#3 Updated by Brandon Jackson over 5 years ago

The Upload screen only appears after an upload is complete in Chrome. Also if you upload a large file, typical of videos, Google will said that the process is taking a long time. Isn't the upload progress window supposed to appear right when you click "Upload" after choosing a file?

#4 Updated by Brandon Jackson over 5 years ago

Even though the end point listFilesJSON shows all the files, the content/cfr/home does not show files that did not go through the upload process. I copied some videos into the folder CFR uses to store files, I would have expected them to appear on the dashboard.

Still... works for me, but I think of this as a bug. At least when you do a repository refresh on the server the new files should get picked up and given default permissions.

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